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The modern Restoration, made possible by the Weymouth Community Preservation Committee grant, was conducted in 2012-2013. The extensive restoration has confirmed the 17th century date of construction of the building and has preserved the unique structure for the future. The Abigail Adams Birthplace now can move forward with year round programming in a newly restored building.

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Modern Restoration Slideshow

Following the completion of the restoration of the exterior of the building and the reopening of the Birthplace in June 21013, the Abigail Adams Historical Society has entered a new phase in the restoration of the birthplace. This stage is focused on the evaluation and restoration of objects in the collection of the Birthplace.  Beginning in December, 2013 and continuing into the new year, Found Legends Restorations company have undertaken the careful evaluation and restoration or preservation of certain pieces in the collection. This process is vital to preserve important pieces of the collection and restore pieces in order to make them useful in interpreting the life and times of Abigail Adams.

On January 26, 2014 Found Legends Restorations presented a program “Restoration Archeology: The Art and Science of Artifact Conservation and Restoration” at the birthplace to discuss some of the process of furniture restoration and preservation.  See the Boston Globe article here.

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